ॐ पंच तत्वाय पूर्ण कार्य सिद्धि देहि देहि सदाशिवाय नमः ॥

Our Story

BDEX is a major agro-trading & agro-processing company of India. We are a registered company & exporter of Government of India & also registered with FIEO(Federation of Indian Export Organisation) which is the largest export promoting body of India. BDEX stands for trust & integrity. We place our utmost focus & values to all our stakeholders.

Primarily, BDEX deals in spices, cereals & fruits. We have established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier on values & trust. We not only provide immediate and reliable service but we continuously try to exceed their expectations and goals.

We create commercial flows, import and export agriculture-based products,  with our partners. We ensure to provide the best quality products to our customers at the most reasonable price available in India.  In fact, two of these fundamental values—quality and affordable pricing—have helped us carve out an exclusive space for our brand in the export community and circles across India & around the world. Over the years, we have fostered a strong team that looks after everything from procurement of best quality of raw materials, production, packaging and shipping to ensure that the quality benchmarks we have established do not stay merely on the papers but holds true on the ground. Further, the team ensures that the consignments are always on schedule. They are also endowed with the required tools and means to offer the clients with the needed paid samples and quality checks according to the specific requirements of the clients.

Under the guidance of our founder, we have been growing steadily in the market expanding our business and its presence to markets that are anew. The industry exposure and knowledge he has amassed over the years always act as the driving force behind each achievement and growth milestone we have been able to add to our business record. We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business.

We have sourcing locations across all over India for all kinds of agro-based products especially in Spices, Millet & fruits of all kinds. Thus we guarantee to provide the best qualities of these products available across India at the best reasonable price & within the stipulated time. To ensure this we have a dedicated team who are well educated & equipped with all the advanced tools & knowledge.

BDEX is a supplier of wholesale spice containers, Fresh ginger, turmeric, turmeric powder and other spices

Our main market is europe & middle east

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What We Do